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“Aziz, Karl and Adrian struggle to find a place for themselves within
an international cycle of control and commodification.” (Pat Blashill)

“Today, companies like Nike cynically sell a lifestyle −
the lifestyle of people who would never be able to afford
two hundred dollar sneakers.” (Tip Berlin)

“Three quietly poignant young men speak for themselves,
grapple with their dreams, and hustle through their unspectacular lives,
all against a backdrop of coolhunting and transnational profit.” (Pat Blashill)

“No fomalism in the editing, no commentary, no inserts or tricks,
not even the usual experts raising their voices.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“Sneaker Stories” gets by without naration
and the usual statistics. (FM4 Online)

“The film is a frontal attack against the system,
convincing in its agitation, and pristinely crafted.” (Die Furche)

“Katharina Weingartner's documentary Sneaker Stories carves out
the gap between cultural capital and real economic power.” (Der Falter)

“Scenes with rain clouds and a sort of unhurried poetry wash over us,
and we come away with inescapable conclusions.” (Pat Blashill)

Winner of the Diagonale Audience Award 2008

Nominated for “Best Creative Documentary”
International Amsterdam Film Festival 2009